A typical Reiki session lasts one hour. You will lay on a table, fully clothed. The practitioner will then begin to connect with your energy, through a series of hand positions, which allows them to feel where it may be out of balance or blocked. As the session proceeds, they will work to bring your vibrational energy back into balance, which creates harmony in the body so the self healing can begin.

  Sessions  by appointment.

One hour session   $60.00


Reiki,  (pronounced  Ray- Key), translates to, Universal Life Force Energy. Everything is made up of energy and has a vibrational level. When our life force energy is vibrating at a higher rate, we have greater health, are happy  and life is good. When our vibrational level is low, we experience dis-ease in our mind and bodies, informing us that we are out of balance. It's important to keep our energy up by eating well, exercising and keeping our thoughts positive.